Two Things to Soon Become Unpopular

We've reached the halfway point of the summer, and two things (out of the ordinary) have become very popular in the previous weeks. One of the most popular things is what we all know as icing, the other being that drink that many of you have probably missed out on, known no other than a 4 Loko.

I'll start with the more unknown 4 Loko revolution that's been sweeping at least my home state, Texas. The deal with these is that they're basically one of those energy drinks that has alcohol in it, but it's big as shit and has way more alcohol. These have become very popular pre-party drinks because one of these bad boys gets you to a level of preparedness that would normally take 5 beers or 3 shots of rum. They're tasty and have somehow managed to not become a completely douche drink (yet.)

WHY IT'LL NEVER LAST: Technically, both of the things listed here won't last for the same reason; the newness will eventually wear off and people will get bored. With these Lokos, people will realize how much of a guido they look like with some big-ass energy drink looking can and drinking what's essentially Kool-Aid mixed with tasteless vodka. The history of drinking has shown us that nothing will take the place of good old fashioned beer and liquor. Games involving beer and taking shots in celebration for whatever reason have become too much of a staple in our society for the duo to ever be replaced (especially not by some gimmicky juice in a big fucking can.)

Secondly is the pandemic that has finally reached all corners of the United States, the game everyone knows as icing. Before I get started, let it be known that I fully support the game in every aspect, so don't take what I say here out of context.

WHY IT'LL NEVER LAST: The problem icing will soon face is that it will simply become tedious, annoying, old, etc. It's reached such a high level of popularity so quickly because it had such a unique concept. However, once football season starts up and the weather starts to turn towards cold, this game will die just as quickly as it ran it's course. In my personal experiences, I've already seen the sharp incline of interest in the game turn towards a sloping decline, with people simply getting annoyed or bored with the game. Sometimes it's also just too tedious to dish out the extra cash for some ices when the same money could be used on more beer for yourself.

Unfortunately for icing, I don't see it being so popular by the end of the summer at all. The official website has already been taken down, and while the game has continued media attention through similar websites, it will soon become overshadowed by 'the next big thing'. Of course, there will still be some individuals who will insist on keeping the game alive throughout the months to come, but I have a feeling that icing will no longer be the big man on campus after it's had some time to age.


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